What started with me drawing smiley faces on my yellow nails with a magic marker in 2009 has come a long way to become a full-time, full-blown obsession. Who knew your nails could be your own little canvas to create your own amazing masterpieces.

I’m no expert. Far from it. I’m just a girl, obsessed with her nails who enjoys dolling them up every now and then.

When I’m not doing my nails, you’ll find me yakking with my friends about everything from gradients and ombres to Harry Potter and Sherlock, and giggling away like a two year old when I hear a minion say, Poka?

Doing my nails is just a hobby. And most of what you’ll see is stuff done by me on my own nails. Unless I’ve managed to convince a friend to lend me theirs for a change.

Do go through my work and let me know what you think in the comments.


PS:You can also find me on:
Instagram: @lumos.nails
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lumos.nails
Twitter: @lumos_nails
Snapchat: lumos.nails


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