#MyFirstTime: Reverse Stamping

As if stamping wasn’t moody enough, we had to go and make things even tougher for ourselves. I’m speaking of course about Reverse Stamping.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love stamping. I think it is among the coolest ways to create designs on my nails, and is among the more versatile of techniques. But, you have to admit, stamping tends to be a little pricey on the pocket, what with tons of options available for not just stamping plates, but also new stamper fads hitting the market every few months. Think about it. First was the stiff stamper, then the jelly stamper, and now the clear jelly stamper is all anyone can talk about. Then there’s stamping polish, and care for your equipment. Sigh.

But, I digress. Today I wanted to talk about reverse stamping. For the uninducted, reverse stamping is a technique where in you pick up your design as you usually would on to your stamper, but instead of stamping it on to your nail, you would colour it in directly on the stamper (some prefer to stamp it on a silicone mat and colour it on there), and either make a decal out of it with top coat, or, a newer more daring version of this would be to stamp the damn thing on your nail after colouring it in.

It is the most soothing thing to watch timelapse videos of nail artists reverse stamping gorgeous patterns onto their nails. Trust me. The reality of the thing however, is a little different.

Take a look at this innocent looking piece of nail art, for instance.


Cute little thing, isn’t it?

Would you believe I had to redo it THREE whole times??? Ugh! Frustrating is what it was.

The first time, I didn’t realise I was supposed to let the polish completely dry out before I tried to stamp it on to my nails. What happened was, I coloured the lips in with red, and smooshed them on to my nail. It looked like a bunch of vampire mouths. Blah. The next time, I tried colouring the birds in. I let them dry out and everything. And when I went to stamp them on to my nails, a piece of one of the birds just refused to leave my stamper. So I tried the lips again. And I was a bit too impatient this time around too. I tried touching them to see if the polish had dried completely. It hadn’t. And it stuck to my finger and created a hole in the polish.

I was totally fed up at this point. I seriously have no clue how people reverse stamp ALL their nails on both hands. I could barely manage two without losing my sanity. So I decided to stick to what I know. I’ve done decal kind of reverse stamping before. It took me a couple of tries then too, but I did it. You can check it out here.

So, that’s what I ultimately did. I made a decal out of the lips. The birds I stamped directly on to my nail and then filled in the hearts with textured polish to give it that look. I am happy with how this mani turned out though, no matter how long it look me.

Some day, I’ll try reverse stamping again. Some day. Until then, if you have any tips, do let me know in the comments. You could also catch me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Come by, and say hi!


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