#EasyPeasyNailArt: Striping

In my last post, I spoke about how vinyls never seem to work for me. Especially stencils. Today I’d like to speak about something that works on similar lines as vinyls, but has never troubled me. Ever. I’m talking about Striping Tape.

Striping Tape is a marvelous invention. It’s basically a reel of tape much like scotch tape, but really really thin. Usually about 1mm. Nail artists use it to create extremely crisp, perfect lines – every time! I started striping about 3 years ago, and while I’ve had trouble mastering almost every technique, I’ve had no issues whatsoever with Striping Tape.

Here’s some of my favourite looks that could not have been created without Striping Tape:

Holo stripes peeking through a coral. 
Negative space stripes for my spring floral mani.
Holo Modern French Tips are one my fav looks ever!
Holo and red candy canes for Christmas!

Clearly, holo stripes seem to be my favourite. 😛

When working with Striping Tape, remember the following, and you’ll be as happy as I:
1. Avoid using a peel-off base coat.
2. Apply your base colour, and always use a quick-dry top coat.
3. Apply your next coat of polish only AFTER the base colour is COMPLETELY dry.
4. Once you apply your second polish, pull of the striping tape IMMEDIATELY for the crispest lines.
5. When top coating your design, apply one coat in the direction of your lines, to avoid ‘bleeding’ of the top colour into your base colour.

That’s it. I hope this helps you out!

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