#MyFirstTime: Gradient Stamping

I love gradients. And I love to stamp – even though my stamping equipment throws its tantrums on a lot of the days I do wish to stamp. Today’s blog is about the first time I tried to gradient stamp. Spoiler: I love it. It’s amazing. ❤

Gradient stamping is one of the newer trends in Nail Art.

To gradient stamp, all you really need to do is apply two polishes to your stamping plate instead of one, and swipe them off together to create an overlap of colours, and maybe even a blend. The final result ends up looking really gorgeous.

To create this look, I used all polishes from Juice Cosmetics. They stamp amazingly! Note that these aren’t stamping polishes, so the intensity of the stamp isn’t quite as dark as you would get from a stamping polish – but if you’re practicing your stamping, these are a great option.

On the subject of polishes that aren’t stamping polishes, but do the job well, here’s something I discovered recently – any metallic polish will stamp. Any! I’m not kidding. I pulled out my polish kit and tried out a bunch. And they all worked! Even the cheapest of the lot! Here’s proof!


Yes! The blue is a Reliance Trends Polish that Retails at Rs. 75! I couldn’t capture an image I was very happy with, but all these look beautiful on a black base as well. So, pull out all your metallic polishes and start playing! If you know of any other nail polishes that work for stamping as well, do let me know in the comments. I’d love to give it a try.

I hope this helped you out.

Happy gradient stamping!

Cheers! 🙂

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Come by, and say hi!! 🙂


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