#StampingSuccess: Black and Gold! (Plus, lessons learned)

Stamping has got to be one of the coolest nail art techniques. Period. Every time I am able to successfully pick up and image and roll it on my nails, I am left awestruck! And when I do this in front of people, their gasps of astonishment is usually reason enough to do their nails again and again.

But, like a watermarble, stamping can also be quite temperamental. For every successful stamped mani, there will be one that didn’t work. That annoyed you to the point of just hanging up your stampers, so to speak, and accepting that you don’t know how to stamp the way you thought you did. Trust me, that and a zillion other thoughts have crossed my mind in my stamping stress sessions. You can find some on my previous blog ‘Traitor Stamper‘.

Anyway, this post isn’t about the fails, it’s about the recent success, and a few lessons I think I learned from it.

how to stamp
Lace Stamping with JUICE Long Stay polishes

A few days ago, I got a shipment of these new polishes from JUICE. While everyone was claiming they watermarble really well (I am yet to try it out for myself. More on that later.), I really wanted to check if they stamp. I had been on a stamping slump for a while, and I was annoyed and frustrated that even my most trusty stamping polishes wouldn’t work for me. So, I gave it a shot and created a simple black and gold themed mani.

stamping nail art
Black and Gold lace design stamping

The reason I think this worked for me so well, was because the bottles of polish are brand new. There’s something about new nail polish, it goes on well, it watermarbles well, and I  think it even stamps well. I have a couple of stamping polishes that have worked well for me in the past – but what I think happened, is that I didn’t store them properly. They’ve gotten thicker, and separated and stuff. I’m guessing if I try thinning them down a bit, they might work. I’m yet to try.

JUICE stamping
JUICE Long Stay Polishes retailing for INR 60 onwards.

Another lesson learned from my stamping experience – top coat ruins everything. Unless it’s a matte topcoat. For some weird reason that seems to work just fine. Yes, I know there are top coats available that don’t ruin your stamping, and I’ve placed an order for mine. Let’s see how that works out.

Do you have any stamping tips? Do let me know in the comments, or hit me up on Social Media. You can find me on Instagram (@lumos.nails), Facebook (/lumos.nails), Twitter (@lumos_nails), and Snapchat (lumos.nails).

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