#MyFirstTime: Drag Marble

If there’s one technique in the nail art community that drives even the most talented artist to hide for cover, it is the infamous Watermarble. Unlike a lot of other techniques, the watermarble requires a LOT of practice, and is still known to be quite temperamental. Which is what has led nail artists to get creative – and figure out ways in which to achieve the watermarble look without having to watermarble. ‘Cheating at Watermarble’ has become some sort of a trend – inspired by none other than Cristine of Simplynailogical.

These ‘cheating’ methods include: vinyls, stamping plates, and of course the drag marble. Inspired by what I’d been seeing online, and overjoyed that I had finally got my hands on one of those silicone mats everyone had, I set out to try and drag marble. While I did try to video record my attempts, the video was a big fail in my opinion, so I’ll leave you guys with these pictures.

Drag Marble
My first Drag Marble!

I started off with a white base and pulled out my new silicone mat, and Colorbar neons to play! While these neons are really sort of runny, they work great on a white base. To this look, I began drawing semi-circular lines on my mat (to look like a rainbow) with the polish. Once I had about 5 lines, I took a toothpick and dragged it from the outermost curve in a downward direction. It did not work. The toothpick just split the polish and ruined everything.

I then tried the same technique with a blackhead removal tool and a safety pin. While the safety pin was close, I still wasn’t happy with the finish. So, I then tried it out with a striping brush. That worked just the way I wanted, and I was able to get the polish from the outer layers to kind of merge with the ones below them rather than just split the polish.

Once the pattern was created, I let it dry for about 20 minutes, slathered on some clear polish, let it dry for another twenty minutes, and peeled it off the mat to use like a reverse stamping decal thingy.

No more watermarble
Cheat at Watermarble with the Drag Marble – similar effect, less stress.

To create this look, I’ve used:

What do you guys think of this look? Do let me know in the comments. Or tag me on social media. You can find me on: Instagram (@lumos.nails), Facebook (/lumos.nails), Twitter (@lumos_nails) and Snapchat (lumos.nails)

Come by, and say hi!


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