Gradient gorgeousness 

Yes, I have another gradient here. This one is inspired by the amazing Nails by Jema. I followed her colour scheme and just added the sparkly topper even though all my instincts were screaming MATTE. MATTE. MATTE! 


gradient mani
Sparkly summer gradient awesomeness inspired by @nailsbyjema

To create this look, I used 4 colours, but if your nails are shorter in length, you could use fewer. 

I followed the following steps: 

  1. I painted my nails white, and while they dried completely, I put on a DIY barrier to ensure easy clean-up after. 
  2. On a make up sponge, I first marked the length of my nails like I mentioned in my post “Gradient Secrets“, and then painted on stripes of pink, purple, blue, and turquoise. 
  3. I dabbed on a couple of coats on each of my nails, letting them dry inbetween. 
  4. Peeled off the DIY barrier.
  5. Topped it off with a sparkly top coat, and then a glossy top coat. 

That’s about it. 


4-color gradient love
I used the following products to create this lovely gradient: 

  • Health&Glow Base Coat 
  • A random white polish as a base
  • Maybelline Color Show “Blueberry Ice” and “Blackcurrant Pop”
  • Maybelline Instadry “Turquoise Lagoon” 
  • Revlon “Bubbly” 
  • Colorbar Exclusive 56 topper 
  • Lakmé Gel Stylist Top Coat 

Phew. That’s a lot of product! But totally worth the end result, don’t you think? 

I’d totally recommend trying this look out. If you do, do tag me. I’d love take a look at your recreations. 

You can find me on Facebook (/lumos.nails), Instagram (@lumos.nails), Twitter (@lumos_nails) and Snapchat (lumos.nails). 

Come by and say hi! 



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