Love. Laugh. Live. 

It’s the month of love. Of hearts and red and white and teddy bears and chocolate. Of your love for your family and friends. And roses. And your pets. 

This Valentine’s for me was a lot about love. And laughing with the ones you love. And if that’s what life has in store, I think it’s a pretty good deal. 

Here are the manis I’ve sported so far this February.   

1. Roses are red 

Mix n match. Red n black. Stamped and vinyls. This seems like one complex cookie. But I swear it wasn’t, thanks to AngelNailStudio vinyls and Nail Matinee stamping products. 


red and black
Valentine Mix n match nails
red and black
A rare view of my right hand
Products used:

  • Health&Glow Base Coat
  • Maybelline Keep up the Flame and Burnished Gold
  • Colorbar Black 
  • Nailmatinee Red stamping polish 
  • Angel Nail Studio zig zag vinyls 
  • Revlon Matte Top Coat 

2. Pink and white for Prom 

We had a pre-Valentine Prom night at work, and I wore this gorgeous white and pink shimmery gradient to match my favourite AND dress. 


valentine mani
White and pink shimmery gradient
matching nails
Outfit details: AND

Products used: 

  • Health&Glow Base Coat 
  • A random white 
  • Colorbar Plum Grenadine 
  • Chi Chi Cosmetics Paparazzi Princess 
  • Maybelline Base Brilliante Insta Dry top coat 

3. Negative Space Hearts 

Because it was Valentine’s and I just had to to a heart mani and I don’t have the guts to change my nail shape to claws and use the tips as hearts. But I will. One day. For now, these didn’t look half bad. And they took all of half an hour to do! Double points for that. 


Negative space hearts
valentines day
My favourite valentine mani
Products used: 

  • Maybelline Downtown Red and Base Brilliante Insta Dry top coat
  • Heart French tip guides from Nails Fiesta 

I found that I liked the negative space hearts the most of the lot while I was wearing them. There was something really alluring about them. Especially in good lighting. But I love the pink and white too! 

What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments. 

If you recreate any of my manis, do tag me in your pictures. I’d love to take a look! 

You can find me on Facebook (lumos.nails), Instagram (@lumos.nails), Snapchat (lumos.nails) and Twitter (@lumos_nails). Come by and say hi! 




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