#FrenchingIt: Oh holo, modern French Tips. 

It seems that French manicures are evolving. Even though people still love the classic French Mani, there have been a range of various twists on them. I showed y’all a few in my post “Frenching it five ways“. I spoke about the Classic, a slight glam version, a floral twist, lace stamped, and a gradient. 

Today, I’d like to speak about the Modern French Manicure. It is essentially the French Mani tips, with a line below. 

See what I mean? 

When I tried looking up the Modern French Manicure, I found loads of various takes on the classic, including chevrons and reverse French tips, and more. But I have been seeing this on Instagram and all the big nail art bloggers are calling it the Modern French Mani. So that’s what we’ll stick with. 
To create this look, you need two polishes, a quick dry top coat, and some striping tape. 

Step 1: Paint your nails with the first colour and add a quick dry top coat. 

Step 2. Use two strips of striping tape. One to create the classic French tip, and one slightly closer to it, to create the line below. 

Step 3: Paint on the second colour, and pull off the striping tape immediately while the polish is still wet. Let dry, and top coat. 

That’s really all there is to it. You can try this mani in any sort of colour combination, and a variety of techniques. I’ve seen designs with a stamped lace base and the modern French tips that look great! I have a feeling a dry-brush or Saran Wrap mani might look awesome as well! 

I used a creme and a holographic polish to make full use of the approaching summer. 


french mani
Close up of the Modern French Manicure
To create this look, I’ve used: 

  • Maybelline Express Dry: Turquoise Lagoon and Base Brilliante 
  • KB Shimmer: Run! It’s the Coppers 
  • Striping tape from eBay

What do you guys think? Modern or Classic? Let me know in the comments. 

You can also find me on Instagram (@lumos.nails), Facebook (lumos.nails), Twitter (@lumos_nails), and Snapchat (lumos.nails) 

Come by, and say hi! 




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