#MyFirstTime: Reciprocal Gradient 

If you’ve followed me long enough (or even enough to have seen the last few posts), you’ll know that I am obsessed with gradients. Seriously. I love them. So when I saw this reciprocal gradient on Cristine of Simply Nailogical’s channel, I was obsessed. 

I’ve wanted to try it out for ages, but I somehow never really got around to it. Until now. 


reciprocal gradient
Striped reciprocal gradient inspired by Cristine aka Simply Nailogical
For those of you who don’t know, a reciprocal gradient involves doing two gradients, one on top of the other, in reverse, over a pattern. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t. Let me break it down for you. 

Step 1: Do a two-colour gradient, blending the colours right in the middle of your nail. Use a quick-dry top coat and allow to dry completely. 

Step 2: Use vinyls to create a pattern. I’ve used striping tape, but you could use zig zags or something too. 

Step 3: Use the same colours, but this time, do the gradient in reverse, in thin layers till to achieve the opacity you’re looking for. Peel off vinyls, top coat, and you’re done! 

If you’re still unclear, I’d suggest taking a look at Cristine’s tutorials here


Close up of the reciprocal gradient
Even though this takes a while, and a lot of patience, I really loved the final outcome. The way the base gradient sort of peeks through the lines. 

To create this look, I’ve used Dabur NewU’s Metallic Pink and Razzmatazz – both from the Mirror Metallic range. I also used the Maybelline Express Dry Top Coat, a make up sponge from Health&Glow, and striping tape I got on eBay. 

What do you think about this look? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments. 

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram (@lumos.nails), Twitter (@lumos_nails), and Snapchat (lumos.nails). Come by and say hi! 




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