#FrenchingIt five ways 

The French Manicure is quite possibly the most go-to nail art. In my opinion, it is also the most versatile nail art on the planet! It’s great for work, for parties, for weddings…

I’ve had brides requesting French Manicures because it saves them the trouble of matching their nail art with all their outfits. Plus, it ensures they can have their nails looking all pretty for a good week after their weddings too!

This post is not a lesson on how to do a French Mani, but on the different spins I have put on it over the last year.

1. The Classic French Manicure

Classic French Mani
The Classic French Manicure
Paint your tips with white using French tip guides, vinyls, a bandaid… I’ve even seen people using a rubber band! The guides are my favourite, but trust me, free-handing a French Mani is pretty easy with practice! All you need is a good white polish and a glossy top coat.

2. Slightly Glam French Mani

Glitter top  coat
Glam up your French Mani with a glitter top coat.
All I did to this one, was add a silver glitter top coat. I’ve used Colorbar Excluive 56 because I wanted something with really fine glitter so my French Mani would still be the highlight.

3. The Rose Twist

accent nails
Little gold roses on accent nails for instant glam.
This one was done to match the bride’s outfit. It had gold roses on the skirt. She wanted a Classic French, but loved the idea of the little roses on the accent nails. I free-handed the roses with Maybelline Bold Gold, and added a gold glitter from Chamki Bangari in the centre to glam it up.

4. Lace French Mani

stamping nail art
Stamped French Manicure
This one requires a little work, but I love the way it looks. Stamp a lace print or any pattern you like on a base coat and once it dries, paint the tips. Simple. It automatically dresses up anything. I created this for a bride and added little Silver glitters in the middle of all the flowers in the pattern she had chosen. It looked lovely. Too bad I forgot to take a picture that day.

5. Gradient French Mani


Gradient French Tips using a sponge, clear and white polish, and a matte top coat.

This one was one unexpected design, in the sense that I did not expect to love it so much! It was inspired by the amazing Sonia aka Bad Girl Nails on Instagram and I just tried it for fun. I ended up wearing it for four days straight! All I’ve done is created a gradient with clear polish and white, and topped it with a matte top coat. You can find Sonia’s tutorial here.

I can vouch for each of these designs as I have loved them all very much. My favourite is the gradient since it is a different take on the French Mani and it looks amazing.

What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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Thank you for reading. Cheers!



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