#NailArtSecrets: Gradient Tip

When it comes to nail art, I will say this: Gradients are my first love. To me, a well-done gradient means I will spend the foreseeable future staring at my hands, not doing any work. 

Seriously though, gradients were my first foray into nail art. And over the years there are a few things I have picked up from reading blogs and watching nail art videos online. I won’t bore you with tips that you’ve probably already read everywhere else. This post is about something I started doing with my gradients and found helps. 

Have you ever painted your nails the appropriate base colour and then grabbed a sponge and slapped on a bunch of colours and slapped it on to your nails, only to find that you got too much of one colour and too little of the other? 

It happened to me when I was trying out a rainbow gradient. After slathering on six colours on a sponge, I realised I’d get only like four of them onto my nails. Such a waste. (I did manage to save those by doing the gradient diagonally though). 

Anyway, the next time I sat to do a more-than-two colour gradient, I did this. 


Ombre and gradient hacks
Meausure your nail against your sponge before a gradient to plan your coverage.
I simply placed my nail on the sponge, and marked the area I had to gradient, on the sponge with a pen. So when I started painting the colours on the sponge, I knew how much space I had exactly, and could plan my colour scheme accordingly. 

Simple, right? 

Here are some gradients I’ve done recently using this method. Enjoy! 


Gradient Newspaper Nails
Snowflake Gradient
Gradient base for snowflake nails
matte gradient
My favourite matte blue gradient
french manicure
Gradient French Manicure

Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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