Traitor Stamper

So everyone probably knows by now that my best friend is getting married. The night before her engagement ceremony, I wanted to do my nails to match my dress. It was this pretty white, pink and purple combo that sorta looked like flowers from a distance without being too flowery. If you know me, you’ll know why that’s important. I’m not exactly a fan of flowery, but I thought I’d try out something new.

Born Pretty Stamping Plates

Anyway, I had everything ready. Base colour was painted in Plum Grenade by Colorbar and Mogra by Chamki was ready for stamping. My stamping plate was clean. I had cue tips and nail polish remover on standby to clean the plate, and bits of tape ready to clean my stamper. All was good. I’d been up late the previous night working, so a simple stamping mani wouldn’t take me too long and I’d be in bed by midnight. Sounds good, right?


Because that was the day my trusty Konad stamper decided to betray me.

Konad stamper and scraper
Konad Stamper

I finished stamping three nails on my left hand and after that, the stamper just refused to pick up the design. Here are some of the things that crossed my mind:
1. Maybe there’s some polish stuck in the grooves on the plate. *scrubs plate clean* Nope.
2. Maybe I should have let it dry before trying again. *scrubs plate again and lets dry* Nope.
3. Err I swear I thought that would work. Dammit.
4. Maybe the stamper needs to be cleaned. *stares at super clean stamper and tape-waxes it anyway* Of course not.
5. Maybe I should try a different design… *looks at nail polish remover* NO!
6. I’ve been stamping for months. This cannot be happening.
7. Maybe I just thought I could stamp.
8. This can’t be normal. No one talks about this stuff.
9. It’s 11:30 and I only have 3 nails done. Maybe I could just rock this mani and tell everyone it’s the latest fad.
10. *cries*
11. *Googles what to do when your stamper doesn’t stamp*
12. *Gets annoyed at the internet speed and shuts the window*
13. Maybe Instagram can help… Oh wait. Internet. Bah.
14. *remembers tip about filing the stamper a bit and grabs file*
15. *then remembers warnings about potentially ruining stamper*
16. It isn’t stamping anyway. How could you possibly ruin it further?
17. *Files stamper slooooowlly and tries again*
18. Tadaaaa…aarrggggh! 

So what happened was, after sort of filing it down, my stamper would pick up like half the image, if at all. Luckily for me (yeah right), the design was a bit spaced out, so I could stamp it in parts. I wish I had taken pictures but then I was way too annoyed. I ended up spending over three hours on a basic stamping design that shouldn’t have taken me more than an hour. And yes, I stamped my Cindy hand too. And added glitter to the centres of all the flowers because, why not?

Here’s what my finished mani finally looked like:

Stamping nail art
Totally cheated stamped mani

While I admit it does look pretty good, getting there was a pain to say the least. You can see the difference in the design if you pay close attention. I did my thumb and the ring and pinky fingers first so the design is fine. I had to cheat and do the index and middle fingers in parts. Sigh.

For this mani I’ve used:
Colorbar’s Plum Grenadine (097)
Chamki’s Mogra and Jakmak (for the glitter)
Stamping plate XY18 I bought on AliExpress
And traitor Konad stamper I bought on
Topped with the Maybelline Base Brilliante (01), express finish top coat

Have any of you had such problems with their Konad stampers? What did you’ll do? Do let me know in the comments. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. […] But, like a watermarble, stamping can also be quite temperamental. For every successful stamped mani, there will be one that didn’t work. That annoyed you to the point of just hanging up your stampers, so to speak, and accepting that you don’t know how to stamp the way you thought you did. Trust me, that and a zillion other thoughts have crossed my mind in my stamping stress sessions. You can find some on my previous blog ‘Traitor Stamper‘. […]


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