#HowTo: Half moon like a pro! 

I remember when I first started my nail Instagram page. I was so overwhelmed by the amazing talent! I came across this design that was sort of the opposite of a french tip, and it looked so very pretty! There’s something about half moons. Depending on the combinations you choose, they can go from classy and sophisticated to downright funkaayyyy!

But how to get the look, and get it right? Today, I’m going to show you five different ways to get that half moon funk on your fingertips. 🙂 And just so you can compare, I’ve tried all the methods with the same polish.

1. Freehand it!
Freehand Half moonsFreehand is the simplest way to do anything. You don’t need any tools. Simply grab your bottle of polish and draw the curve you desire. But, freehand does require a lot of practice. If you aren’t a fan of using tools or can’t get your hands on them, I’d suggest you get practicing, pronto!

2. French tips 😉
Processed with MoldivYep. The same C-shaped vinyl/guide you use to get gorgeously neat tips can be used to get a gorgeous half moon. Place it at the base of your nail rather than the tip. And remember, pull off immediately after applying nail polish for a perfect line.

3. Hole guards
Processed with MoldivKnow those things you get in your stationery shop to protect the holes you punch in paper? Yep. Use them at the base of your nail just like a vinyl. Stick, paint, peel. It’s that simple. And the best part? If you’re in India, you’ll get a whole sheet of them for as low as Rs. 10!

4. Liquid clean up tape/Glue
Processed with MoldivThis is a little tricky. It’s sort of like freehanding, but with the liquid tape/glue. I haven’t personally used clean up tape because it isn’t available here in India to my knowledge, and getting it delivered from abroad is frightfully expensive. I usually use slightly diluted Fevicol for all my clean up needs, and it works just fine for me.

5. Nail polish remover and a cue tip/brush
Processed with Moldiv

This one’s a no-brainer. Paint full nail and then literally erase out the part you want for your half moon with a cue tip or paint brush.

My personal favourite way of getting my half moons right would be with French tip guides. I love how neat and crisp the lines get with these. Hole guards also do a pretty good job, but they give a more curvy look than the French tip guides. Glue was pretty decent, but it take forever to dry. 😛

I really am not a fan of the nail polish remover and the cue stick because strands of cotton from the cue stick tend to stick on to your polish. As for Freehand, I really would not recommend it, unless you have the opportunity to practice a LOT.

Here are some half moon manis I’ve created recently. I’ve used Hole guards for the black and gold one, and French tip guides for the Turquoise and silver. What do you guys think? Which looks better?

Photo 04-07-15 12 42 49 pmPhoto 13-07-15 11 58 54 am

And what’s your favourite way to half moon? Let me know in the comments.
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