#ManiKitMustHave: White Nail Polish

White is one of the most classy colours in the colour palette. Also my favourite. Yet, when it comes to nail polish, I have noticed that a lot of girls hesitate to include white nail polish in their collection. After all, all-white nails can be quite the scary look on many skin tones.

Chameleon Polish

Yet, as a nail artist, I will swear by white nail polish as a must-have in every girl’s mani kit. Here’s three reasons why.

1. French Tips


A French Manicure is simply the classiest of them all. Work, college, weddings, there’s nowhere you can’t sport one! Apart from being so versatile, it is also really simple to execute. All you need is a good white nail polish and a clear top coat.
Tip: A freehand French Manicure is relatively easy with practice. But if you’re not so confident of your freehand skills, you do get guides and vinyls to help. And if you’re among the lucky people with small nails, even a holeguard will do! Available at your local stationery shop at a mere Rs. 10 per sheet!

2. To pop your neons


Who doesn’t love neons? I know I do! ๐Ÿ˜€ But here’s the thing. It used to bug the life out of me because the colour on my nails never looked like it did in the bottle. And then I learned this little trick. If you paint a coat of white on your nails and then paint your neon colour on that, well that just makes the colour POP! Check out the difference in the picture above. I’ve used Colorbar’s Pink Lady to demonstrate, on a base of Maybelline New York’s Porcelain Party.

3. Get the perfect gradient


When I started doing gradients, I always used the lightest colour as my base. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. You still get good results. But you saw it above, white makes colours pop! Which is why, when I tried this rainbow gradient, I went straight to white. I love how all the colours are so bright!

Next question. Which white?


I have personally used three brands of white nail polish.
1. Mogra by Chamki Nails
A lovely new find in a little kiosk in Garuda Mall, Bangalore, this colour is great for French manicures as well as for stamping. It is a pure white, and I have even used it as a base for gradients, with good results. My favourite use for this one, however, is stamping.
2. Porcelain Party by Maybelline New York Color Show
My go-to brand for budget yet quality nail polish. Porcelain Party is not as pure white as Mogra, but it is my favourite for bases for my gradients, mainly because it isn’t too thick. One coat gives me enough coverage for my gradients.
3. White Divine by Revlon 
White Divine is great for French Manicures. It is a lovely pure white, but it does have the tendency to thicken. I’ve had to dilute it a couple of times, and I honestly don’t like doing that to my polishes.

There you have it. My take on white polishes. What’s your favourite way to use white nail polish? Let me know in the comments!

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