Review: Nail Vinyls from Angel Nail Studio

Nail vinyls are awesome! Whether they’re stencils or stickers, they make creating designs so much simpler. If you’re a nail art beginner, definitely consider investing in some.

If you’re in India, however, you’ll know what a pain it is to get your hands on nail vinyls. You have to order them from abroad and get them imported. And shipping them costs as much as the vinyls do. Not happening. Luckily for us though, Indian nail artists are beginning to create nail vinyls! Yay!

Today I’m featuring vinyls by the amazing Angel Nail Studio. I found her on Instagram a while back and was so excited to learn she was making vinyls for us Indian nail artists. Here’s the vinyls I ordered from her shop: Medium chevrons, Spirals, Fishscale stencils and stars. She has close to 70 different designs on her Facebook page! Check her out.


The first thing I noticed about these vinyls were the finish. They’re a beautiful black matte finish. They peel off easily, stick well and were really easy to use, even for a first timer like me. I was pretty happy with the initial promo price of Rs. 200 a sheet. And she knocked off the shipping fee since it was my first order. Such fun! 🙂 I don’t have any complaint about these so far. Go ahead and buy them!

Here’s a three-step design I created using the chevron vinyls.


Step 1: Place vinyls on an already-painted base colour. 
Make sure the base is COMPLETELY dry or the colour will peel off when you yank the vinyl off.
Tip 1: To start off, you could try negative space manis. 😉
Tip 2: To ensure your base colour is completely dry, soak your nails in cold water for a few minutes when they seem dry to touch, but you aren’t entirely sure. It really sets the base well.
Step 2: Paint the next colour on. 
Tip: You could get creative here. Try a gradient, for instance.
Step 3: Pull off the vinyls IMMEDIATELY.
That’s the best way to do it. Do not wait to let the polish set, it will not peel off in the right shape.
Tip: Let both colours dry completely before using a top coat to seal it. That way the colours won’t run or smudge.

That’s it. Here’s a picture of my completed mani. I tried a minion on my accent nail, just for fun. 🙂


For this nail art I used:
Sweet Sunshine and Blazing Blue by Maybelline New York Color Show
To paint the minion I used Mogra by Chamki Nails and Blackout by Maybelline New York
I sealed everything with the Born Pretty Super Matte Suface Oil

So what do you guys think of this one? Questions? Ask in the comments. 🙂
You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. 




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